Thriving in a Digital World

Digital Skills Passport is a new ICT Skills training programme helping people around the globe to learn new digital skills and to thrive and prosper in an increasingly connected world.

We believe that anyone can become a digital skills expert – as long as they are taught in the enjoyable way and with a methodology that is suitable to their individual learning style.

  • image2 SACE Accreditation -
    The Digital Skills Passport qualification now has South African Council for Educators (SACE) accreditation
  • image2 Digital Skills Passport for Individuals -
    ICT skills enable people of all ages to understand and use technology to improve their personal and professional lives. The ability to use a ICTs effectively is an essential life skill...Read more
  • image7 Digital Skills Passport for Schools -
    Media, Information and ICT literacy form an essential part of key capacities for learners and educators. ICTs are increasingly finding their space in education as one...Read more
  • image5 Digital Skills Passport for Corporates -
    The Digital Skills Passport certification provides a globally accepted benchmark for objective verification of employee skills and competencies in the use and application of ICTs...Read more
  • image5 Digital Skills Passport for Government -
    Governments across the world are drafting policies for effective implementation of technologies in the effective administration and operation of civil service. Key to...Read more